Private Nightclub Video Upload

When we love a job that we work on, we ask our videographer James Cox to compile the elements that have made it a great project to work on.

So this private nightclub was a good one to video; to promote the products we used – Martin Audio as well as Crown Amplifiers and then showcase a little of what the project was about:

Old Barn Audio work in many nightclubs as well as bars and restaurants, installing quality sound and lighting.

If you have a project, such as this, that you would like us to be involved with, then please call us on 01892 752246 or get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you…

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Great Testimonial from Hillview School

It is always nice to get good feedback. As you know, a couple of weeks ago, Old Barn Audio spent the day with the students of Hillview School, at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge, for their annual Stars in their Eyes evening.

This is what Tim Robertson, Head of Music from the school, had to say about Old Barn:

“We use oldbarnaudio every year for our school ‘Stars in their Eyes’ concert.
The professionalism and quality of sound from Phil and Neil is always outstanding and it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be the same without them.
This year we had a full professional band on stage with the singers and everyone commented how amazing it sounded on stage and out front of house.
I can totally recommend oldbarnaudio and we will continue to use them for our concerts in the future.”

Tim Robertson
Head of Music
Hillview School for Girls

Thanks Tim and we look forward to next year…

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Annual Show for Hillview School Another Success

Pa Hire for local schoolLast week saw Old Barn Audio spending the day at Hillview School for Girls. The guys at OBA have worked with Tim Robertson from the Music Department for many years now and really enjoy this one day out of the office.

They arrived first thing, to set up the sound for the day. They brought with them speakers, amplifiers, monitors, processors and microphones they use for hire out to other companies. In all, everything that is needed for a successful school talent show.

This event is always a great success and is held at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge as they need a large open venue that will hold all parents as well as students.

Old Barn Audio’s Martin Audio sound equipment definitely had a good airing last week and the guys took with them:

Such a fun day with all the auditions and then all guests arrived for the actual show in the evening. This went without a hitch and all in all was another roaring success. OBA love this day and will continue to provide the sound as long as they are needed.

Thanks guys, hope to see you again next year…

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New Church Sound Install Nearly Complete

Old Barn Audio are very proud of the work they do. They receive many glowing testimonials from their clients and this consequently leads to referrals and new work. Yet another new church sound install is now nearly complete. This one is St Barnabas Church in Boughton Under Blean, in the Church of England Diocese of Canterbury.

 Church Sound InstallOBA specified a sound system and offered an option on the speakers that would be installed. Both speaker models are from Martin Audio and they were given the choice of CDD5 or CDD6. The CDD5 model is a little smaller than the CDD6 with the CDD6 being more powerful and offering a wider frequency response so would be better for music.

This proposed wi-fi sound mixer requires a tablet or smart phone to access the controls as there are none on the mixer face. We have installed a number of these in churches and they are proving successful and very easy to use. The beauty of a wi-fi mixer is the software; it allows exceptional sound contouring for the install engineer and a very easy to operate control surface for the everyday user. Also, as there are no surface controls and the default programmes are storeable, it makes the unit completely tamper proof.

The speakers have been mounted on the cross beams within the church and are aimed downwards to the congregation. In black they will be well concealed and ideally placed to offer seamless audio dispersion.

An induction loop system has also installed. The loop system will be directly connected to the sound system so will not work as a stand alone system.

In total Old Barn Audio have installed:

  • 1 x 120 sq. metre induction loop amplifier
  • 4 x Martin Audio CDD5 speakers in black with black brackets for the Nave
  • 1 x Martin Audio CDD5 speaker in black with black bracket for the stage
  • 1 x Soundcraft Ui12 wi-fi sound mixer
  • 1 x XLS twin channel power amplifier (Nave)
  • 1 x amplifier for stage speaker
  • 3 x UHF radio system with headset / lapel microphone
  • 1 x UHF radio system with hand held microphone
  • 1 x wall mounted plug in box for audio / video from laptop / iPod etc.
  • 1 x lockable wall mounted cabinet to house all electronics

Audio for sister church

  • 1 x UHF radio microphone with lapel fitting


  • 1 x 3000 lumen ceiling mounted projector (suspended under joist)
  • 1 x ceiling mount for above
  • 1 x DVD player

Neil is over in Boughton Under Blean today finishing the job and we are hoping for a nice testimonial from yet another successful church sound install by Old Barn Audio.

If you are struggling to make your congregation hear when they are seated in church, or your sound equipment is very dated and needs a revamp, then please either call on 01892 752246 or get in touch with Old Barn Audio and someone will come back to you as soon as possible. We have many years of experience working with all possible challenges that can occur within a church environment and understand the need for great acoustics as well as effective visibility within the space allowed.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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Old Barn Audio are Recruiting…

It is just getting busier and busier at the Old Barn Audio headquarters. With all the great enquiries and subsequent projects Old Barn Audio have been involved in, the guys are looking to expand their staff.

Martin Audio MLA Mini and CompactDo you feel you have what it takes to work for a company such as this? We have many years of experience in the sound installation world and are extremely knowledgeable in what we do.

We are looking for like minded people to join our expanding team. You would need to have experience in the sound installation industry, whether it is through management, engineering or office administration.

There will be several roles available. Based in the south east of England, depending on which role you undertake, you would need to be at least partially office based.

Please send your CV to if you are looking for a change in your career. Extremely competitive salaries for the right calibre of candidate.

We look forward to hearing from you…


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Crown Amplifiers Across The World

Old Barn Audio always like to work with top quality products. We pride ourselves in only working with the best and this, along with our experience of installations is serving us well. Crown Amplifiers are just one of the range of products we use time and time again. We like the reassurance that we are installing quality products for our customers, alongside some of the top venues in the world such as:

Anaheim Convention Centre

Crown AmplifiersThe Anaheim Convention Center is a major convention center in Anaheim, California. It is located across from the Disneyland Resort on Katella Avenue. The original components, designed by Adrian Wilson & Associates, opened in July 1967 — including a basketball arena followed shortly by the convention hall. Crown is proud to provide the amplification power heard by the thousands of people who walk through the convention center each year.

Hong Kong Stadium

The Hong Kong Stadium is Hong Kong’s main sports venue. It hosts up to 40,000 people at one time for a variety of sporting events from cricket and football to rugby. Using the power of Crown amplification, fans can enjoy their favorite sporting event without straining to hear.

Honda Centre

Home to the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League,The Honda Centre in Anaheim has seen a variety of acts aside from hockey including; Barry Manilow concert, several UFC fights, Tina Turner concert, WWE wrestling events, Katy Perry concert and Miley Cyrus concert. Using Crown Audio, acts like these continue to rock the Honda Center over and over again.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Crown AmplifiersThe Shanghai New International Expo Centre is an exhibition center in Shanghai, China. It hosts a large number of exhibitions, including the Shanghai Motor Show. It has also hosted the 2002 Tennis Masters Cup, where one of the halls was temporarily converted into a tennis court. Thanks to Crown amplifiers and Harman audio systems, the Expo Center can keep up with the demand for professional audio.

Everland Theme Park, South Korea

Weighing in at 6.6 million visitors per year, Everland Theme Park in South Korea is ranked 13th in the world for amusement park attendance in 2011. The park also includes a zoo and water park. Powered by Crown Audio, Everland Park knows how to make some noise.

Michigan International Speedway

You wont have to listen too closely to be able to hear the sound of Crown amplification over the roar of race cars ripping past at Michigan International Speedway.

You can also be sure that when you go to a Linkin Park concert, Crown Audio will be behind the scenes delivering enough power to rock the house!

For stadiums and arenas where thousands of visitors are supporting bands or sporting events, or possibly listening to speakers at conventions, Old Barn Audio are reassured that Crown amplifiers will give quality amplification in large open spaces and smaller confined areas alike.

If you are looking to have Crown Amplifiers installed in you venue, or indeed buy from the range, however large or small, then please contact Old Barn Audio on either 01892 752246 or through our enquiry form. Having many years in the sound installations industry we create bespoke packages that will give you great sound and amplification.

Information taken from Crown Audio Website

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Dorchester Abbey To Upgrade Using Dante Networking

Dorchester AbbeyOld Barn Audio were originally contacted to go and carry out a site visit at Dorchester Abbey. The sound system that was already installed was not efficient and not working to the specification that it had been designed for.

They had 2 symetrix units already installed and one was not working, so they contacted Old Barn Audio and have ultimately decided to upgrade their systems

Having now seen the install, it is obvious that a ‘hands on’ end result is what is needed, but using install designed products.  The Symetrix Jupiter(s) that they currently have is to be retained and added to but a decision to move to the high-end Symetrix Radius EX using the Dante networking, is an obvious choice to offer future proofing for the Abbey, as well as the choice to augment many of the existing systems and equipment into the new system and utilise all forms of serial control functionality it offers.

Dante Networking

In 2006 Audinate brought to market, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology characterized by near-zero latency and network-wide synchronization. They called the technology “Dante”.

In 2007 Symetrix recognized the need for a high-performance and standardized multi-channel digital audio networking technology not only for its own products but for the pro audio industry at large. After considerable research, Symetrix signed with Audinate to become one of the very early licensees of the Dante networking solution.

The Upgrade

Even though the Radius 12×8 EX is from the same company, the software differs vastly in its programming style than that of the fixed architecture of the Jupiter.  The initial setup, design, implementation, tuning and teaching has to be taken into account in this initial upgrade.

Once on site, Old Barn will fully install the two Symetrix products and link them via UTP CAT5e(6) cable. This will enable them to reside on the same network and be seen on the same screen for ease of use, which was requested in the original brief.  The entire system will then be integrated into their Wi-Fi network, as well as setup of all of the tablet protocol and software and tune the room for both EQ and delay timings.  From there, individual microphones will have their own EQ set to offer the best possible performance from the entire system and audio chain.  The network facility will then be remotely setup so we can talk to the system from the Old Barn Audio offices, to enable technical changes to be made, which may be necessary.

Dorchester AbbeyLastly, we will then spend time going through the system software, our design and then tailoring the initial setup to the exact needs of Dorchester Abbey.  From there a one-to-one lesson will be held, explaining the basic system tools and how to make changes and design the custom screens.

Once this has all been completed, and The Abbey have used the system for a while, we can then return and tender for the integration of all of the serial control of external devices, setup the protocols for this and design the custom control screens.

If you need either your system reconfiguring, or a full church sound installation, then please get in touch or call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246.

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East Grinstead Gym Sound System Installation

Solan Fitness in East GrinsteadGym Sound System Installation was a really tight turn around for Old Barn Audio. This gym sound system installation was agreed and the install arranged in swift time to get the gymnasium open by the end of January. This is the second gym to be opened as a part of Solan Fitness and now creates an absolutely amazing sound, resonating throughout this West Sussex gym.

Using a combination of Martin Audio, Crown amplifiers, Ohm ceiling speakers and Cloud mixers, we feel this gymnasium sound system will produce an effective and high quality sound throughout each area of the gymnasium.

In summary this gym sound system installation now consists of:

Cardio Area / Concourse

Gym Area

Side of gym area

Spin Studio

Dance Studio

Changing Rooms


  • 2 x UST projector – 3000 lumens – image 2.8M x 1.9M minimum
  • 1 x Electric projector screen 3M x 2M

A gymnasium sound system installation is only as good as the products that are used. Old Barn Audio always design bespoke sound systems for each project they work on.

If you have a gymnasium and need to have extraordinary sound, then please either get in touch or call us on 01892 752246.


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New Sound System at UK Prison

This is something completely different for Old Barn Audio. We have been commissioned to install a new sound and video system at one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. We will be commencing the work as soon as the paperwork has been signed off.

Old Barn Audio will be installing:

Audio system components

  • 2 x Martin Audio CDD8 speakers in white or black
  • 2 x mounting brackets for above
  • 1 x twin channel power amplifier
  • 1 x Soundcraft EFX12 analogue audio mixer
  • 4 x vocal microphones
  • 4 x boom stands for above
  • 1 x lockable metal equipment cabinet
  • 1 x UHF radio system with lapel or headset microphone
  • 1 x UHF radio system with hand held microphone
  • All cables / connectors as required

Video System components

  • HD projector system
  • 1 x DVD / CD player with audio outputs
  • 1 x 10 metre HDMI cable
  • 2 x Video plug in boxes for laptop (VGA / HDMI)

The wi-fi audio mixer is a brilliant product. The on board software includes many tools to contour the sound exactly to the room and tailored to whatever is plugged. It has no surface controls so a tablet will be required to gain access to the controls. Having no surface controls has its benefits in that it is not possible for anyone to alter any stored presets.

This will be a very interesting project for Old Barn Audio to work on. If you are looking for a sound installation in your venue, in whatever capacity it is to be used, then please call Old Barn Audio 01892 752246 or make an enquiry and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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St Columba’s School Sound System

Work will be commencing next week. The St Columba’s school sound system installation will be completed within the school’s half term, ensuring that an effective sound system will welcome the pupils back into school after their short holiday.

There are 4 main areas (zones) requiring a sound system feed to supply messages and audio tones denoting the changing of lesson periods; the sports hall, the theatre, the John Paul building and the main building.

The sports hall, theatre and the John Paul building all have stand-alone sound systems. These systems are fed from the main building amplifier for general information but also have local dedicated feeds for microphones / CD players / tuners etc. As it currently stands,  these zones are all working and complete, with no complaints.

The main building system is a mixture of varying ceiling and cabinet speaker designs. Many are not working and some have local volume controls which are broken or too stiff to move. The volumes throughout this zone vary and many are quiet probably due to voltage tapping.

Old Barn Audio will therefore be installing 46 cabinet speakers and 23 ceiling speakers plus a new power amplifier and a UHF paddle aerial into the main building alone.

The existing amplifier driving the main building system is under-powered, due to numerous additions over time and will need to be changed.  Where necessary we will use existing cabling, but some cables will need to be added or re-routed. Our recommendation was to retain all existing working ceiling speakers as they sound fine and are mounted into the ceiling tiles. If systems still work and will complement our sound and audio installation, then we would never quote for replacement as standard. It is also unlikely that replacements would aesthetically marry or match the existing hole cuttings, so we will always recycle where we can, unless instructed otherwise by our customers.

The UHF radio microphone receiver is situated in the IT dept. The hand held microphone transmitter is used in the playground, so on occasions the range is compromised causing the signal to drop out. The receiver is dual diversity so has 2 aerials. The solution would be to drill a hole through the wall and mount a paddle aerial on the outside wall, which would increase the outdoor range dramatically to around 60 metres. The indoor reception would not be affected by this.

Once all work has been carried out, The St Columba’s school sound system will be an exceptional system for their needs. School sound systems are always more effective when they are installed during school holidays.

If you are looking for a new and effective working school sound system, then please contact Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 or send us an enquiry and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.


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