Martin Audio CDD Series

Martin Audio now brings innovative engineering to installed sound with the all-new CDD™ Series. — combining distinctive curved enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and coverage consistency to venues that demand the ultimate in cutting-edge technology and style.

Whether it’s a bar or restaurant, an AV installation, a church or a prestige nightclub — the Martin Audio CDD Series has it all covered. CDD is definitely the one-stop solution; with six two-way full-range coaxial systems, from the micro CDD5 to the powerful CDD15, along with high-performance subwoofers, they cover practically all install applications.

The CDD Series has the audience covered too. The Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology that comes with the CDD range delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns. Projecting more output to the rear of the audience, to distribute sound evenly from front to back, whilst having a wide horizontal coverage close-up. The increased coverage area can reduce the speaker count in larger installations.

A visually appealing enclosure design is a signature of the Martin Audio CDD Series. The full-range enclosures can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation, with rotation of the coaxial driver easily accomplished by removing the screw-free, protective grille. The curved shape of each full-range enclosure allows it to be discreetly mounted close to a wall or ceiling, by means of a comprehensive range of mounting accessories.

With the exception of CDD5, all the enclosures are moulded in rigid UPM Formi — a composite material which combines stiffness with excellent internal damping properties. From the CDD8 upwards, speaker baffles are machined from birch ply and all models feature sophisticated internal rib structures to reduce weight and increase rigidity.

Martin Audio installations are a massive part of Old Barn Audio’s business, as they have full sub-distributor status.

So in summary, the Martin Audio CDD Series we offer at Old Barn Audio are:

CDD5 Two-way passive micro speaker designed for bars, museums, foyers, concourses, exhibition centres
CDD6 Ultra-compact two-way passive loudspeaker system for full-frequency dynamic performance from a very small enclosure. Featuring a 6.5” HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver
CDD8 Ultra-compact two-way passive loudspeaker system with an integrated 8” exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver, rotated for horizontal or vertical orientation depending on venue requirements
CDD10 Very compact two-way passive loudspeaker system which utilises a 10” exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver. Ideal to meet the foreground requirements of music bars and clubs
CDD12 Compact, passive two-way system designed for installations that require high output, with a 12” LF /1” exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver
CDD15 Ideal for medium-to-large rooms, a very high-power, passive two-way system for installations that demand the ultimate in sonic performance from a single enclosure
CSX218 The ultimate in subwoofer performance for the most prestigious CDD Series applications
CSX118 A compact, high performance subwoofer that extends the low frequency operating range and provides exceptional low frequency impact
CSX212 The perfect sub-bass where low frequency extension and impact is required from a very compact, unobtrusive, low-profile enclosure
CSX112 Ultra-compact direct radiating sub-bass system designed to extend the bandwidth and increase the headroom of CDD full-range models from the CDD5 to the CDD10.
DX0.5 An affordable loudspeaker system management processor, adding to the existing range of DX loudspeaker controllers

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