Martin Audio CDD-WR Series

The CDD Series in black or white is also available in a NEW weather-resistant form, known as the Martin Audio CDD-WR Series. Like many on the market, the CDD-WR loudspeakers and CSX-WR subwoofers are designed for outdoor operation, where it will be subject to changing environmental conditions, but sheltered from direct exposure to the elements. Weatherised mounting brackets are also available.
Martin Audio CDD-WR SeriesMartin Audio CDD-WR loudspeakers meet a rating of IP54 and feature a weatherised water resistant grille made from zinc plated mild steel with a powder coated finish. CSX-WR subwoofers in the series are have an IP24 rating and feature a zinc plated mild steel grille with powder coated finish, plywood cabinets with polyurea finish and are flyable with stainless steel fixings.

Applications include outdoor restaurants, bars and hotel areas, and near field systems in outdoor stadia, transport hubs, concourses and theme parks.

CDD5TX-WR 5" Weatherised Coaxial Differential Dispersion Driver with 70/100V Line Transformer
CDD6TX-WR 6.5" Weatherised Coaxial Differential Dispersion Driver with 70/100V Line Transformer
CDD8-WR An 8” LF/1” (25mm) exit HF weather resistant CDD driver
CDD10-WR A 10” LF/1” (25mm) exit HF weather resistant CDD driver
CDD12-WR A 12” LF/1” (25mm) exit HF weather resistant CDD driver
CDD15-WR A 15” LF/1” (25mm) exit HF weather resistant CDD driver
CSX112-WR A weather resistant sub woofer features a very efficient 12" (300mm) long-throw bass driver
CSX118-WR A compact, high performance subwoofer with a long-excursion 18” / 4” voice coil driver
CSX212-WR A compact sub bass with twin high-efficiency 12" / 3" voice coil long-throw bass driver
CSX218-WR The ultimate in water resistant subwoofer performance

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