Martin Audio MLA

Martin Audio MLA Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array

Martin Audio MLAOver the last decade, line arrays have become the touring standard, yet achieving consistent results in different venues remains elusive and too dependant on trial-and-error. Martin Audio MLA goes beyond line array and removes the guesswork – giving the engineer new tools to deliver greatly improved performance, coverage and repeatability.

MLA solves both consistency and set-up issues by a combination of unique optimisation software and cellular array design – enabling the sound engineer’s exact mix to be delivered throughout the audience from gig-to-gig and venue-to-venue with a degree of precision, consistency and repeatability not previously possible.

With Martin Audio MLA, audience position and venue criteria are used as a basis for intelligent, numerical optimisation of up to 144 individual acoustic cells within the array. Everything is done from an audience perspective. Firstly, the software calculates what acoustic source is required to deliver a consistent frequency response and SPL over the audience – as well as taking into account areas where sound is not wanted. Secondly, the software configures an MLA array that can generate that source. In mathematical terms this is an “inverse problem” that we solve using numerical optimisation within the software.

Having so many individually driven and optimised cells available massively increases the resolution of the array – resulting in a much more consistent frequency response and SPL throughout a venue compared to previous touring technologies.

At the heart of MLA’s optimisation process is the most accurate acoustic model of array behaviour within the industry to date.

Martin Audio installations are a massive part of Old Barn Audio’s business, as they have full sub-distributor status.


  • Numerically optimised, fully integrated, touring sound system
  • Compact size and inherent scalability provide ideal “one-box” solution across rental markets
  • Cellular array format with built-in amplification,
  • DSP and digital networking
  • 6 dedicated Class D amplifier channels per enclosure for individual powering and DSP control of individual cells
  • Industry leading DISPLAY2™ intelligent software interacts with onboard DSP for highly accurate array optimisation. Eliminates trial-and-error array preset library approximations
  • “Fly-by-wire” software adjusts vertical coverage electronically to cope with changing environmental conditions and last minute changes in rigging height
  • Switched mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and global mains voltage operation
  • Three-way all-horn design delivers LF/MF/HF peak SPL’s of 140/139/145dB @ 1m from a single, compact enclosure
  • Fast, integral flying system for suspension of up to 24 enclosures
  • True 90° (-6dB) horizontal constant directivity, mid and high frequency pattern control. Consistent and usable out to 120° (-10dB)
  • 60Hz-18kHz ± 3dB full bandwidth frequency response


  • Unprecedented, even, house-curve balance achieved right from power-up
  • Intelligent numerical optimisation software eliminates trial and error in system set-up
  • Improved venue-to-venue, gig-to-gig consistency and repeatability
  • Artistic changes to balance at the mix position or elsewhere translate directly and accurately throughout the audience
  • Exceptionally high power density means tighter truck-pack for higher SPL compared to other systems
  • “Greener” audio power via PFC (Power Factor Correction)


  • Large-scale touring sound reinforcement for outdoor festivals, stadia, arenas and concert halls
  • Premium fixed installations in concert halls, theatres and sports venues

MLA Technical Specifications

Click on the icon to download the Martin Audio MLA product data sheet.

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