Ohm Lunaray Line Array

Ohm Lunaray Line Array from £ POA

Ohm Lunaray line arrayBorn from a need for a solution in a clients nightclub, Ohm Lunaray line array started as a fixed installation line-array system. Its’ present format was dictated by the customers who visited this venue and demanded a road going version with a fully adjustable flying system.

The Lunaray line array is ideal for smaller indoor and outdoor events and for providing infill support. Lunaray can often be found alongside bigger line arrays such as Ersa Major in side fill applications and hanging from the delay towers ensuring the further reaches of the audience also receive full range undistorted sound.

Lunaray is ideal for use in space restricted installs, low ceiling applications and as under balcony infill. Both cradle mount and flying systems are available. Flying cabinet offsets are adjustable in 1.5° steps up to 20° maximum with 30° available on the last cabinet.

This very compact enclosure’s lowest reproducible frequency is still 75Hz at -3dB with a maximum sound pressure level of 126dB.

It’s impedance of 16 ohm allows the user to connect eight cabinets to a 2 ohm capable amplifier.

Features of Ohm Lunaray Line Array

  • Ideal for installation and Mobile PA
  • Perfect for space restricted areas
  • Simple flying system

Two-way high performance, high end loudspeaker system loaded with an 8”, 1¾” voice coil, parabolic dome low-mid chassis and a ring radiator compression driver with a 2” voice coil and aluminium diaphragm connected to a 90° x 60° W.T.L.L. Horn.

Homogeneous coverage and constant crossover, in conjunction with an external controller, provides time and phase optimisation or to be precise the realisation of the complex transfer function through the installation of a whole chain. The OHM SPYDER DSP control software and OHM OYSTER system controller provide both easy to use setup and prevention against unwanted interference – particularly valuable in installations.

For flat array, axis of drivers in adjacent cabinets are parallel (i.e angle of 0° between axis). For BANANA array, axis of drivers in adjacent cabinets are constant angle offset throughout the array. Maximum offset possible (last pair in the array). 30° between axis of adjacent drivers. Offset between adjacent driver axis is controllable between 2.5° steps up to 20°.

Trapezoidal enclosure with threaded inserts for wall/ceiling cradle LA-WC and line array fittings L-FS.

Manufactured from 18mm plywood with internal metal bracing and finished in durable hard wearing anthracite textured paint. Black powder coated perforated steel grill faced with reticulated acoustical foam and a steel logo.

Please call us at Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you have any questions or would like to buy any products from the Ohm Line Array Range or indeed any other product from the Ohm Range.

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