Powersoft Ottocanali 1204

8-Channel Power Amplifier for Lo-Z and Hi-Z transducers

Powersoft Ottocanali 1204

Ultimately flexible and safe, the Ottocanali 1204 provides a wide range of system control and monitoring capabilities as well as sound shaping options, and a total of up to 1,280 W output power over 8 amplifier channels for Lo-Z or constant voltage systems, all neatly packed into a single rack unit: As ‘stand-alone’ in corporate board rooms, or along with Powersoft Duecanali models in the largest setups, the Ottocanali 1204 fits any venue.

The Ottocanali 1204 offers unprecedented versatility and efficiency, also thanks to its very own set of BatFormers®. These are specifically developed, optional plug-in output transformers that can be easily installed through a dedicated lid in the amplifier chassis, and that allow the conversion of any – or all – of the 8 channels into a 70V or 100V constant voltage output.

Compliant with IEC 60849, and on par with the Duecanali Series, the Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH matches the crucial requirements for sound systems for emergency purposes.

Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH

The Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH, includes DSP functionality for all 8 channels, paired with Ethernet connectivity for full control and monitoring through the Armonía Pro Audio Suite™, also compatible with all other Powersoft K, M, Duecanali Series amplifiers, and Quattrocanali Series(Interface available for MediaMatrixCrestronAMXcontrolQ-SYS and monitoring systems).

Compliant with IEC 60849, and on par with the Duecanali Series, the Ottocanali 1204 DSP+Dante matches the crucial requirements for sound systems for emergency purposes.

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Features of the Powersoft Ottocanali 1204

Number of channels 8
Output power Single channel mode Distributed line* Bridge mode
  4 Ω 8 Ω   70V 100V   8 Ω 16 Ω  
150 W 80 W 125 W 130 W 300W 150 W
Max output voltage / current 37 Vpeak / 15 Apeak 115 Vpeak 165 Vpeak 76 Vpeak

Ideal applications for the Ottocanali 1204

Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 Technical Specifications

Click on the icon to download the Powersoft Ottocanali data sheet.

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