Private Sound System Installation

This is a nice job to do and comes alongside the Honeypot sound system installation we have just completed. The owner has now requested that we install a private sound system installation into his home.

private sound system installationEven though this is, in theory, a very simple install, to enable ease of use it has taken some thought and research to offer the best solution.  As the house will be used by all the family requiring different music, each zone needs to be independently controlled to allow each user to either play their own or switch off music that isn’t required in each zone.  Consequently, we have designed a 9-zone system to cater for all and enable future proofing of the system.

The house has been designed as follows :

Martin Audio CDD10-WRThe NuVo system we are installing is a professional Wi-Fi solution for high-end audio installs and we have used them in many situations like this, for their ease of use.  Each unit has built in amplifiers, capable of easily powering ceiling speakers and the capability of controlling three zones.  The outdoor Martin Audio CDD Weathr Resistant speakers, being far more powerful, still use the zoning capabilities, but we use a professional Crown XTi 1002 amplifier to ensure they are controlled and powered correctly.

Ohm CL-3T ceiling speakersThe user interface will be from an iPhone or iPad tablet with a very simple user interface that can use either USB/NAS drive music or streaming from Spotify, Napster, TuneIn, etc.  It will be controlled via its own network but, to ensure Spotify, Napster, etc. is used efficiently over Wi-Fi and not using a 3G/4G network, we will be taking a port from the Wi-Fi modem once it is installed.

Over the years we have installed a few private sound system installations and this is definitely an area of our business that is growing. Normally, most of our work is sound and lighting installations into nightclubs, bars, restaurants as well as theatres, churches, schools or sporting stadiums.

If you are looking for a fantastic private sound system installation with extremely knowledgeable engineers, who have many years of experience and can advise you of the most efficient system for your needs, then please get in touch. Either through our enquiry form or by calling us on 01892 752246.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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