Sevenoaks Wildernesse Golf Club To Receive Sound Upgrade

Wildernesse Golf Club in Seal, Sevenoaks initially made contact with us earlier this year. Their sound system was a little dated and they wanted to have excellent sound both in their clubhouse, outside on the patio as well as extending effective sound over the 18th hole.

The three existing indoor zones carry a compliment of ten install boxes which we will, like-for-like, upgrade to the Martin Audio CDD5 to offer seamless coverage of all zones.  Martin Audio CDD6-WR (Weatherised) speakers – larger and more powerful versions of the Martin Audio CDD5s will then be installed outside.  Their desire to have audio thrown to the 18th green dictates that a larger speaker is used for this.  It can, however, still be used at lower levels if required.  Lastly, we have included one further Martin Audio CDD5 to cover the new zone in the members bar.


We will supply a lockable metal rack that will house three amplifiers, a new CD/MP3 player as well as a new dual wireless microphone system and the mixer.

We have also added in a pair of directional microphone aerial paddles.  These aerials are professional models that will give the ability to use the microphones from 100m+ away.  They can then be used for presentations on the 18th green.

Loop System

As requested, we are also installing a new loop system to cover the lounge and dining room.

In total, we will be installing:

If you are in charge of a golf club or other sporting venue and want exceptional sound, then please call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246. Or get in touch via  email or please fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch. We have extensive knowledge of sound systems, both for internal and external sporting venues and will offer honest advice as to what is required to give you a professional sound system at your venue.

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