Sound System Installations

Over the years, Old Barn Audio has created some quite frankly amazing sound. Working with our customers to create something really special for each business, we will tailor our sound system installations to the requirements of your business.

All of Old Barn Audio’s audio and sound installations start and finish in the same way – regardless of size of contract, building or price. It is always imperative, in order to offer the correct advice, to see the venue and physically see the space. Just to be able to stand in a room gives us the aura and atmosphere of what the building is capable of producing and what complement of speakers are required.

Sound System Installations company Old Barn AudioDuring this initial sound installations meeting, we discuss what the venue will be used for and how best to keep an eye on the future, future-proofing the system, which is very important to us. To be able to ensure our customers investment is protected against changes in the industry and new technology is crucial in our Old Barn Audio work ethos.

After this initial meeting, a fully detailed quote is supplied, with speaker placement design so each customer will have a clear plan, going forward  Once agreed, a full schedule of works will be given, including a work timeline, generated to fit in with the customers current commitments.

Once the audio or sound system installation is complete, the contract will be signed off and fully handed over to the customer. At this point, your full warranty with us begins as well as the standard manufacturers warranty commitments.

We have worked in some amazing venues, We only work with the best products and have completed effective and superb sound system installations into some great venues. Read more about what people have said about us.

Sound System Installations

Nightclub Sound Installations

Nightclub sound installations one of the largest areas of work for us. We work across the country, installing great sound equipment into some amazing nightclubs.

Bars and Restaurants

More and more, bars and restaurants are realising the need for clear but easy to manage sound in their venue. Either perfect clarity for background music, or different variations of sound within the different areas of each venue.

Church Sound Systems

Old Barn Audio work in many churches. Our knowledge and experience shows through in the advice we offer as well as the installations we perform. We understand the acoustics within houses of worship can be a challenge, but OBA ensure the whole congregation will be able to see and hear effectively.

Sporting Stadiums

Outdoor sound is always a challenge for those who do not understand. We work with high quality weather resistant speaker systems as well as standard equipment, so will propose a bespoke system for each specific sporting facility.

Gymnasiums and Trampoline Centres

More and more of both theses sporting facilities are opening on a weekly basis. For those new projects, we install high quality systems. For the gymnasiums and trampoline centres that are realising they need a new sound system, we create a bespoke easy to manage package that fits to required budgets.

School Sound System Installations

Schools contact us at the end of terms normally, so we can create sound system installations accordingly within the holiday periods. Some great projects have been within school and university complexes.

We are a quality audio and sound system installations company in Kent, working all over the UK as well as abroad. We are distributors of Martin Audio speaker systems as well as Powersoft amplifiers.

We pride ourselves on customer service – it’s how we’ve built our company……

Sound System Installations

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