Sound Systems for Bars and Restaurants

Sound Systems for Bars and Restaurants although sounding simple, bring their own challenges. The venue may have different clientele throughout the day and those customers will probably want different types and levels of music coming from different source inputs. For example, during the day the music may be very quiet and sourced from an iPod. Now, to get quiet music levelled across an entire venue will take more speakers than if you were to just have fewer speakers at higher volume.

Sound Systems for Bars and Restaurants

The customer who is having a coffee morning or a light lunch will not want a large speaker installed in his vicinity whilst trying to chat. However, that same table at night may be used by social drinkers who want it louder with music from a DJ and the DJ wants to have bass bins too for a much more powerful sound than the person enjoying his lunch… suddenly, you have a problem.

Does the bar owner install more smaller speakers, such as the Martin Audio CDD6 for example, to allow lower volumes during the day that will not satisfy his evening customers or does he install larger speakers, such as the Martin Audio CDD12, to ensure his evening clients are satisfied at the detriment of his daytime customers; a tricky choice to make for an investment.

Sound Systems for Bars and Restaurants

This is where the system designer has to offer the owner a compelling solution with the correct equipment. Not only does the designer need to ensure he specifies the correct brand and type of speakers, he also has to match those speakers to the correct amplifiers and offer zoning facilities with correct volume and zone switching. During the day, for example, the iPod or other device may be playing classical music in one zone with a TV input in another. Both of these inputs (or more if zones are available) need to controlled, switched and governed by the controller which in turn runs off software…… so, all in all, not just a case of putting up some speakers and plugging in your stereo!

Take a look at some of the sound systems for bars and restaurants, installed by Old Barn Audio.

A typical bar installation may have the following type of equipment list and system design:

Sound systems for bars and restaurants

We work in many nightclubs across the UK as well as abroad; this crosses over with bars and restaurants as many locations we work in can cover all three genres of entertainment. Please therefore call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you want to enquire about sound systems for bars and restaurants as well as nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

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