St James The Great Church Sound System

St James Church The Great sound system has now been approved for installation by Old Barn Audio. Based in Leigh On Sea, Essex. Another great job for these experienced sound and video installers.

The best way to offer an even audio coverage across large areas is to employ numerous speakers that each cover a zone. These speakers should be aimed directly at the areas to be covered so that as much of the sound as possible goes where you want it and as little as possible spills into the ceiling area or hits reflective surfaces. This means the system will not need to be loud to reach all parts and the overall coverage will be high quality and seamless.

St James The Great Church Sound SystemSt James The Great Church has very good acoustics thanks to the many sound deadening ceiling tiles, so 4 small speakers will cover the nave and ideally a further 2 to cover the choir seats each side of the alter. 6 x Martin Audio CDD5 loudspeakers will be installed here.

The Church

We have specified a wi-fi audio mixer, which will reside in the vestry. These audio mixers can be operated wirelessly from anywhere in the church. They are easy to use and offer superb quality for a reasonable price.

They will need an iPad or a Smart phone to make adjustments – we have recommended an iPad, as the screen size makes any operation much easier. We can then have it engraved “St. James Church – Elmsleigh” for security reasons.

The existing loop system will be retained. This system will then be re-calibrated once the new audio system is installed and set to exceed RNID recommendations.

The Hall

St James The Great Church Sound SystemWe have offered 2 speaker options, either 4 x Martin Audio CDD5 or CDD6. The first are smaller models as specified for the church which will easily cater for speech and background music. Should they want to offer louder music for dances or keep fit classes etc, we will install a larger model. There will then be one professional CD or media player and one UHF radio system with hand held microphone.

Old Barn Audio have many years experience in churches. With all older churches, careful planning needs making to ensure the church itself is sympathetically adapted to incorporate effective video and sound. Many other companies cannnot offer this service, which is why Old Barn Audio are able to continue their good work.

If you are responsible for a church and need to upgrade the sound and video system within it, such as the St James The Great Church Sound System, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling 01892 752246emailing us or please fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch.

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