Martin Audio Stage Monitors

Martin Audio introduced the first Martin Audio stage monitors, the LE200, in the 1970’s. Since then its successors, the LE400 and LE700 have become industry standards selling in their thousands and gracing the most prestigious stages for an unrivalled who’s who of artists.

Martin Audio XE500 Stage MonitorThe stage monitor plays a key role in creating an onstage environment that connects performers to the audience.

The LE2100S, LE1500S and LE1200S stage monitors are capable of generating exceedingly high SPL’s with a minimum of distortion. They are housed in contemporary styled, camera friendly cabinets of lightweight, yet exceedingly robust construction and are eminently suitable for any reference situation.

Complementing Martin Audio’s state-of-the-art, high-performance XE Series monitors, the latest LE Series now brings engineering innovation to everyday stage monitoring — delivering exceptional performance and controlled coverage at a price point not previously possible for a truly professional monitor.

Martin Audio LE200 Stage MonitorsMartin Audio LE Series Monitors – still the definitive reference to which others aspire.

Martin Audio installations are a massive part of Old Barn Audio’s business, as they have full sub-distributor status. If you are looking to buy or have installed stage monitors as part of your sound installation, then please call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 or email your enquiry and someone will get back to you straight away.

In summary, the range of Martin Audio Stage Monitors we offer at Old Barn Audio are:

LE100 The newest two-way Passive, Coaxial Differential Dispersion Stage Monitor recently released
LE200 The newest Two-way, Bi-amp/Passive Coaxial Differential Dispersion Stage Monitor recently released
XE300 Top of the range Two-way, Bi-amp/Passive, Coaxial Differential Dispersion Stage Monitor recently released
XE500 Top of the range Two-way, Bi-amp, Coaxial Differential Dispersion Stage Monitor recently released
LE1200S an ultra-compact, high performance stage monitor, best used with the DX1.5 controller
LE1500S a compact, high performance stage monitor, best used with the DX1.5 controller
LE2100S a very high performance monitor designed for large-stage applications where maximum SPL’s are required & also best used with the DX1.5 controller

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