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Powersoft K3 from Old Barn Audio

All about Powersoft K Series

Old Barn Audio love working with Powersoft amplifiers.  There are three main ranges to this mighty group of products and we love the way they complement the Martin Audio speaker systems we install. The Powersoft K Series is one of the flagship products of the range, ranking in the “Top Class” amplification of the global pro audio market.

This is the amplifier you need for really high power output with the lowest weight yet still highest efficiency.

The Powersoft K Series range consists of:

  • Powersoft K2 – the baby of the range but a huge 4,800W possible output
  • Powersoft K3 – an attractive mix of features, size and output power, making it outstanding value and the most versatile
  • Powersoft K6 – ideal for modern tour sound amplification as it does not use up much room but produces immense power
  • Powersoft K10 – can drive sub-woofers and large-scale FOH systems equally well
  • Powersoft K20 – up to 18,000 W in a single 1u rack space – need we say more!

Powersoft K Series amps are widely used in high powered applications such as large scale line arrays and large scale sub-array systems with the ability of dropping down to 2 ohms. The Powersoft K range offers the user power and flexibility and more importantly headroom.

Powersoft K10 from Old Barn AudioTaking Martin Audio as an example, the Powersoft range complements the Martin Audio WS218X, as all the XTA processor settings are compatible with Martin Audio products, running at 32db sensitivity as standard.

We are sub-distributors of Powersoft amplifiers, so please call on 01892 752246 if you are interested in buying any of the range, or to have an installation on your premises.