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All Saints Church in Ewell, Surrey

Last week saw Neil and Chris spend a couple of days at All Saints Church in Ewell, Surrey. This is a very modern thinking fully inclusive church family who welcome all ages and make special provisions for children and young people. Microtech IMS originally got in touch with Old Barn Audio in 2019. They were working with All Saints Church, providing IT services. They had also been requested to organise an effective sound system for the church.

The project

Martin Audio speakers were specified for this project. 4 u CDD8 with wall brackets for the main seating area, with a further 2 smaller CDD5 to cover the raised platform. White speakers have been attached to the painted walls and black speakers sit on the timber – to make them as unobtrusive as possible. All speakers have been angled downwards and directed at specific seats, reducing unwanted reflections and ensuring all sound goes exactly where needed.

The loop system was still excellent quality and working well, so this was kept. We always try and re-use parts where we can. It was serviced and recalibrated to ensure it meets or exceeds RNID specifications for hearing impairment.

The digital mixer, along with a supplied tablet now means that sound can be operated from anywhere within the church as the wireless range is wide. Music stored on a memory stick can be played / operated from the tablet and services can be audio recorded onto a second memory stick. The tablet will only be required for simple adjustments, as the unit always boots up to the last saved setting. Numerous settings can be saved and recalled.

The mixer has 20 inputs for microphones, plus a stereo music input plus a further stereo memory stick input. 20 inputs will now satisfy the 6 church microphones plus 8 channels for the band plus a pair from the HDMI stripped audio, leaving 4 free for future expansion. This is an ample system and will give the church all sound requirements, both now and in the future.

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Next steps

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about an effective sound system for a church, hall or other venue, such as All Saints Church in Ewell, Surrey. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246, by email or our contact form and someone will get back to you.