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Avensys invest in Martin Audio DD6 through Old Barn Audio

Audio Hire company Avensys, based in Crawley, have upgraded their mini point source boxes and invested in eight Martin Audio DD6 cabinets.

After a demonstration at the infamous round-room that is The Effingham Park Hotel, Jason Hartnoll, who is The Head of Live Events at Avensys, was so impressed with the DD6 he placed an order virtually on the spot to kick-start his audio upgrade to Martin Audio.

The discreet profile of the DD6 packs such a punch that an array of six or eight DD6 enclosures can seamlessly cover many events for speech and background music.

The upgrades will continue throughout the year with an investment into Martin Audio’s award winning W8VDQ and Martin Audio’s WS218X subs, for larger projects where higher SPL is required.