Bose FreeSpace FS2SE Surface-Mount loudspeaker

The Bose FreeSpace FS2SE Surface-Mount loudspeaker is the next step of the widely trusted line of surface-mount loudspeakers. Offering significant upgrades in durability, design, and ease of installation — all with remarkably consistent tonality.

Available in black or white.

Engineered for high-quality performance in both background music and voice announcement applications, FS loudspeakers are ideal for almost any commercial space.  For those seeking consistent, quality installed sound, FreeSpace FS loudspeakers are the perfect mix of performance and value.

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Features of the Bose FreeSpace FS2SE

  • Full-range 2.25-inch transducer, low-frequency range down to 83 Hz, 16-ohm, and 70/100V operation
  • Handles the weather, designed for outdoor wet installation
  • Maintain consistent tonal quality with shared voicing across all FS models
  • Hear the best of both — music and voice — with transducers that offer clear voice reproduction and smooth response for background music
  • Blend with more room designs with updated enclosures — available in black and white — that pair modern aesthetics with practical features, including removable logos
  • Tackle site-specific challenges with the support of a full suite of accessories, designed to handle a wide range of applications and mounting options
  • Install with ease — all models feature Euroblock inputs and front-baffle input location on in-ceiling models
  • Support public safety — all models are UL 1480 ULC-S541-listed for use in fire alarm and signaling systems in life safety applications

Ideal applications

Technical Specifications Download the Bose FreeSpace FS2SE Surface-Mount loudspeaker product data sheet