Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Speaker System

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The Bose L1 Pro16 Portable Speaker System is a streamlined system with high output and extended low frequency. It offers versatile coverage with a J-shaped line array featuring 16 articulated 5.1 cm neodymium drivers.

This array delivers 180-degree horizontal coverage, tight vertical control on top and wide dispersion on the bottom. It will cover audiences, whether set up on the floor or an elevated stage, even off to the extreme sides in medium to large venues. Great for small gigs but also exceptional in larger venues.

An integrated subwoofer will give you the powerful bass that is required. It also offers ease of carrying and storage – ideal for all those gigs! Every L1 Pro System features a built in mixer so you can connect microphones and other sources.  And with the intuitive L1 Mix app, you get complete wireless mixer control from your smartphone or tablet too.

Select between optimised system EQ presets for live music, recorded music and more. And add in even more instruments and other audio sources via dedicated ToneMatch port—one cable provides both power and digital audio between the system and a Bose T4S or T8S mixer (optional).

The L1 Pro16 by Bose, gives you expanded bandwidth and complete clarity. Ideal for singer-songwriters and DJs and exactly what you need with a quality portable sound system.

With the L1 Mix app, you can adjust mixer settings instantly from your mobile device or even walk the room, hear how the mix sounds and fine-tune as you go. Change volume and tone settings in the app and watch the LED encoder on your L1 Pro move to match—the mixer and app are always in sync, in real time.

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