Bose S1 Pro System

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The Bose S1 Pro System is a bluetooth all-in-one speaker system, with a convenient carry handle for ease of movement. With an optional rechargeable litium battery (sold separately), you can literally use your S1 Pro anywhere.

For higher performance as well as portability, this Bose portable system is an excellent choice as it offers excellent sound. Along with Bluetooth streaming, you can make announcements or sing alongside a keyboard or guitar. With the built in Tonematch processing and Auto EQ, you will get great sound wherever you are. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you can literally take it anywhere. With the built in sensors, you will get exceptional sound whether it is on the ground, on it’s side, tilted back or elevated.

All you need to then do is download the Bose Connect app. This will give you access to other additional options and features like Party Mode. Stream audio to a second system for even more sound.

At 33cm in height and only 7.1kg, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system. Multiple positions supported by Auto EQ ensure that you always sound your best. And with a three-channel mixer, reverb, Bluetooth® streaming and the ToneMatch processing on board, the S1 Pro is ready to be your go-anywhere PA.

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