Point Source Sound Reinforcement

Bose Professional point-source loudspeakers are excellent choices for applications that do not require the sound level or precise coverage control of DeltaQ arrays. Or for zone-fill applications where DeltaQ arrays are used as the primary reinforcement system.

ArenaMatch Utilities

Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers have replaced the original RoomMatch utility. They bring proven DeltaQ sound quality and flexibility to outdoor installations. Including sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centres and more. Featuring an all important IP55 weather rating, ArenaMatch DeltaQ modules make it easy to create durable and reliable outdoor loudspeaker arrays that bring consistent, intelligible sound to every listener.

Built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music, Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers feature similar tonal balance to ArenaMatch array modules but in compact designs. With an IP55 weather rating and the same EMB2S compression driver as ArenaMatch arrays, ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers ensure consistent and intelligible high-level sound for any outdoor venue.


Bose Professional MB subwoofers are designed to provide low-frequency extension to Bose mid/high and full-range point-source loudspeakers.

Next Steps

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