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Martin Audio XD15

Brixton JAMM Invest in Martin Audio

Following many discussions and meetings, Brixton JAMM have now invested in a fantastic new Martin Audio DJ monitor system and have become the first ever customer here in the UK to buy the brand new Martin Audio XD15.  Initially approaching Old Barn Audio for Martin Audio F15+, it was the advice of Old Barn Audio’s Phil Clark to take the extra step and costs and invest in the fantastic XD15 to take on board the extra power and smoother horn due to the fact that they were to be used in the near-field as DJ Monitors.

Having such large speakers in close proximity, (known as ‘Texas Headphones’) really dictates that the horn needs to be smooth which is the characteristics of the XD enclosures.  To add even more to the DJ Monitor set-up, a single Martin Audio S18+ was included in the system to really give the DJ a thumping sound, and it definitely does that!  And, if needed, there is space to add a second Martin  Audio S18+ should the DJ’s require extra bass…..

The entire system is amplified by Crown amplifiers housed and built into a custom bespoke turn-key ABS rack with power distribution and 1u I/O panel.  This turn-key mobile solution also gives Brixton JAMM the opportunity to take the set-up elsewhere in their complex or even offsite as a complete standalone system offering flexibility and a further commercial outlet.