A Meeting with Prince Charles…

Neil Kavanaugh, one of Old Barn Audio’s directors was invited along to the consecration of the Syrian Orthodox church in Acton last Thursday. It was a spectacular, yet humbling day and Neil was quoted to say how much love and goodwill there was in the church, based on so many nationalities being present.

Attending the consecration was the Bishop of Baghdad, the Bishop of Syria as well as Prince Charles, who is patron of the cathedral. The church was absolutely packed, with standing room only, even out in the hall, and the congregation had come from across the UK as well as abroad for this important day.

The consecration was spoken in Aramaic, a family of languages or dialects belonging to the Semitic subfamily. Prince Charles was then introduced and got up to give his address, spoken in English. He spoke widely about the problems in the Middle East and used this time to show his support to all the congregation who have friends or family in troubled areas. Due to the war in Syria, the community of Syriac Orthodox Christians in Britain has grown considerably.

Dividing the space into four zones, and opting for discreet white versions of the CDD, six Martin Audio CDD8 (8”) had been installed in the main nave, two positioned either side of the altar and the remaining two pairs mounted in portrait mode down the length of the aisle, radiating sound into the congregation. With the reduced ceiling height of the side aisle, a further white CDD8 was deployed.

Meanwhile, Neil had also installed a pair of Martin Audio’s new Weatherised CDD, specifying a pair of CDD10-WR outside the building. These broadcast the sound of bells ringing from the church when it is in session. Inside, they also now have a dynamic visual experience, with two 65” UHD screens either side of the altar, along with a pair of 32” support screens (in addition to the 50” hall screen).

This was a really inspirational day for everyone who attended. Due to the multi zone surround systems installed by Old Barn Audio, it meant the whole congregation, even in the hallway, were able to clear with complete clarity, all that was said.

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