Another Successful Church Sound System

Old Barn Audio have nearly finished another successful church sound system. This one is St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence church in Davington, over in Kent.

In many churches there is already a sound system. Old Barn Audio will always try and use as much of the original equipment where possible, keeping the cost to a minimum and saving precious money for the church.


The existing speakers have been retained, although we have moved them up around 12” to tidy up the lengths of cable hanging over the stone capitals. An additional speaker will be added to serve the rear of church area behind the glass wall. A second has been added to serve the balcony.

Induction Loop

This has remained but the cable has been re-routed from where it currently travels across the wooden beam above the developed kitchen area to a more subtle positioning.


The microphones have been replaced although the plug-in headset has remained, as it is compatible with current radio systems.

We advised not using a standard hand held radio microphone on the lectern as they are not designed for this purpose. The ideal solution is a purpose designed gooseneck lectern microphone with a radio attachment – high quality audio and no cables. The existing drop outs they have experienced in the past with their radio microphone system will no longer occur once the new systems are fitted.

We have supplied a new worship leader radio system with lapel or headset microphone options and a lectern microphone. There is also expansion room in the system for additional microphones / instruments as desired. We have installed 3 microphones and instrument plug in points at the front of the church. These are linked directly to the sound mixer and numbered for ease of reference.

Wireless Sound Mixer.

The ideal solution in a building like this, is a wireless sound mixer stored out of sight. It requires no cables and has a wide operating range, which is excellent for on board audio facilities. It is simple to operate and it can then be accessed from anywhere in the church via an iPad. The iPad is stored on the face of the mixer where it is charged. For everyday services where no system operation is required the system can just be switched on and used. For services where operation is required simply remove the iPad and carry out the operation discreetly from anywhere in the church.

Pre-recorded music for weddings / funerals etc.

The sound mixer now has inputs for a CD player, MP3 player, iPad or iPhone. Music can be streamed from any wi-fi device or stored and accessed from a memory stick. As time moves on virtually all music will be played from wi-fi devices or memory sticks so this is a future proof method, unlike a CD player, which will probably become redundant in the not too distant future.


As the church in Davington is modest in size, video may be used in different formats, so the ideal solution is a large flat screen on a wheeled frame. Modern SMART screens are falling in price whilst rising in quality every day. They have very high resolution, lots of on board connectivity and can be linked to the Internet. Then a computer can be used to relay words or photos, a DVD player or storage device for films, or transmit / receive services across the globe in real time via the Internet.


All equipment will be kept in the existing secure cabinet and permanently cabled.

The lectern microphone will be simple to operate and far more effective than the current system. Using a headset will be more effective, as the sonic performance is better than lapel microphones, which are notoriously temperamental.

A Typical Installation such as this includes:

  • 2 x Martin Audio CDD5TX speakers
  • 1 x UHF radio microphone system
  • 1 x radio aerial extender / booster
  • 1 x lectern microphone
  • 1 x radio system for above with plug in transmitter
  • 1 x 12-channel wireless sound mixer
  • 1 x wi-fi router for above
  • 3 x microphone / instrument plug in points
  • All cables / connectors and fittings as required
  • Crop loop cable and re-route
  • 1 x 50” flat screen HD TV
  • 1 x wheeled stand for above

All Old Barn Audio installations are fully guaranteed for 2 years and are fully insured.

If you are in charge of organising better sound for your church then please get in touch, either through our contact form or by calling 01892 752246.