Bingham County Hall

Bingham County Hall in Nottingham was a large and very interesting project for Old Barn Audio. The team created a specification that exceeded all expectations. Previously known as Bingham County Hall, it has now been rebranded as Jubilee Hall.

We won the tender on a points based allocation system, taking into account such details as:

  • Quality of parts offered
  • Facility offered
  • Company stability & CV
  • Our financial health
  • Training strategy
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • Pricing

Theatre Lighting

Our team installed all relevant trusses, slide masking and masking drops for around the stage, to accompany custom made motorised curtains, lighting and sound.

In such a large performance space, the lighting needed to be exceptional. Chauvet was the chosen brand as we know the capabilities as well as the extraordinary lighting options available.

Using low wattage LED technology for energy efficicency throughout, our team chose fixtures that would be versatile for all performances and productions to be held.

Slimpar lighting was installed for a bright RGBW fixed wash. Complemented by the more traditional EVE Fresnel and Profile fixtures. These LED fixtures provide a warm white wash on the stage. Four moving head fixtures were also installed; the flexibility of these fixtures supplies effects and alternative focus locations without the need for technicians or staff to climb ladders. 

Most importantly, the control aspect of the system gives a great range for user ability. The control box contains a Chamsys Quick Q console, allowing for advanced control by technicians and more basic control with an intuitive touchscreen layout. The console connects wirelessly to an iPad, allowing for control anywhere in the venue. The iPad mimics the control screen on the console allowing for remote control from within the audience and at the side of stage. 

Products Used

  • 6 x Chauvet Slimpar Pro H
  • 4 x Chauvet Eve Fresnel
  • 4 x Chauvet Eve Profile
  • 2 x Chauvet Intimidator 450 Wash
  • 2 x Chauvet Intimidator 375Z Profile
  • Ancilliaries

AV System

For the AV System, Old Barn designed a system that is highly compatible with current technology but also allows for future technology and system expansion. 

The large 6M electric screen was rigged to the truss structure Old Barn installed, ensuring the screen will not impede the lighting system. The system controll is either via a remote control, or by simple up and down buttons from an installed control panel.

The laser projector provides an appropriate size and image for the space, in both high and low ambient light settings. The projector is full HD and able to cope with modern resolutions.

The side support screens are 75 inch UHD screens and have been mounted on tilt and swivel motion brackets in the centre of each side of the room.

Audio System

A Martin Audio system has been installed. Offering superb build quality and excellent dispersion, providing a linear sound experience for the audience, in any room format.

In addition to the distributed audio speakers we included two subwoofers to provide a fully rounded and full range sound. A smaller pair of speakers have also been mounted on either side of the stage for performers or presenters to be able to hear themselves clearly.

High quality speakers must be powered by high quality amplifiers. All of the amplifiers installed are digital in order to meet the eco friendly requirements. 

Having worked in many clubs and live music venues, our team are fully aware of potential noise pollution issues, so adapted the system accordingly; adjusting frequencies to optimise system performance, whilst minimising disturbance for the rest of the venue.

The console used has programmable presets which is advantageous for a large system such as this, offering several different setups recalled at the touch of a button. For conference settings, party settings or theatre settings, all can be changed very quickly and easily. It also has the bonus of USB recording and playback, which gives customers the ability to record their conference, meeting or event.

A superior dynamic handheld microphone has also been installed.

Each changing room now also has its own speaker with independent volume control attached. A small HD monitor on a tilt and swivel bracket displays a live camera view from the stage in real time. The system can be switched off when not in use without impacting the main system. Also included is a paging system for each changing room when required. 

Want to work with us?

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about a lighting, sound and AV system such as Bingham Count Hall / Jubilee Hall.  We work all over the UK and abroad, installing lighting and sound systems into many types of venue. This is the perfect project for Old Barn Audio. We have created an exceptional sound system, for what is a very busy popular Nottingham venue.

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