Bromley Synagogue

Old Barn Audio were asked to tender for the Bromley Synagogue at the end of last year. The project was completed this week.

There was already a sound system installed and the request was for this to be improved upon. The main worship area already had two adequate speakers. Old Barn Audio proposed 2 further Martin Audio CDD6 in black to be installed with wall brackets. The existing speakers have now been moved to direct sound downwards to the 2 side seating areas. With the CDD6 speakers mounted above the central seating area, also directing sound downwards. This method will prevent any speakers causing feedback from the 3 high powered microphones on the stage and also ensure a linear coverage to all seats.

The existing audio mixer has been replaced with a higher featured model, containing better tonality control and spare inputs for future expansion. Two new hand-held radio microphones have also been installed.

Two of the existing stage microphones have been retained pending how they sound once the new audio system is installed.

The connections were renewed into the loop amp which enabled the loop system to perform to RNID recommendations.

Next steps

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