Christchurch In Little Heath

We were asked to tender for a new sound system for this beautiful old church in Little Heath, up near Potters Bar.

The existing speakers were not designed to cope with the worship band and the lack of the dedicated controller means they can never perform properly. Modern speaker designs have come a long way since this style of speaker was introduced some 25 years ago and we have no doubt that 4 x Martin Audio CDD8 cabinets will transform the audio experience for all within the Nave.

We will mount the speakers off the wall plates angled downwards to ensure as much sound as possible hits the congregation and as little as possible reverberates off the walls. A pair of smaller CDD6 cabinets will serve the front seats in the Nave but be mounted slightly behind the front 2 or 3 rows of seats. This will sound natural and will also ensure  the cabling is hidden.

We are also installing a pair of CDD6 models mounted above the band, to act as musician monitors. These will fill the band area with natural sound, offering all members good monitoring and the same audio balance sent to the main congregation.

CDD Distributors - Old Barn Audio

Any musician who wants their own monitoring will be able to have a dedicated monitor channel as there are plenty on both mixer options. The musicians will have access to their individual monitoring via the App on their phone / tablet, so they can be responsible for their own sound.

This church sound installation will therefore consist of:

This sound installation will ensure that Christchurch will have a high quality system that will easily handle all types of sermon, the worship band as well as anything else needed within the church.

If you are responsible for the sound within your church environment then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling 01892 752246emailing us or please fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch.