Colchester Baptist Church

This was an excellent project for Old Barn Audio. Colchester Baptist Church is an inclusive and growing town centre church who realise the need for slick and modern technology and want to offer cutting edge detail for their services. We were one of a few companies they looked at and spoke with, so we were extremely pleased that we won the contract.

The Sound

It was agreed that we would create a Bose speaker and amplifier system. Bose have a range of excellent audio products that are fully integrated to optimise performance. Bose speakers are renowned and their installation amplifiers contain sophisticated control software tailored to complement their range of speakers.

All cabinets have been arrayed so that no reflections from walls or ceilings can occur. All sound emanating will be directed at the listeners and controlled zonally to ensure clarity and intelligibility. 4 listening zones have been created within the church; upstairs, downstairs front, downstairs rear and under the balconies. A fifth zone is sub bass, served by a pair of Bose twin 10” bass cabinets – one each side of the stage.

The wireless audio mixer we installed has 20 microphone / instrument channels, plus 2 line level inputs for an external music source (CD / MP3 etc.). Plus a 2 channel USB input port for a memory stick. Any music loaded onto the memory stick can then be accessed and operated from the supplied iPad. There is also a USB record port which will record as desired to a memory stick. The record process is also operated wirelessly and fully editable thereafter.

There is a master output for the main room, plus 8 auxiliary outputs to feed the loop system, adjoining rooms and numerous on-stage monitoring needs etc. The Soundcraft operation system we installed, suits any Apple or Android device and up to 10 devices can be in use at any one time. So any musicians can control their own personal monitoring to suit individual needs.

There are no controls on the mixer itself, so nothing can be tampered with. Any room settings can now be saved, named and recalled at any time via the iPad. These settings can be amended later as desired and others added to suit specific uses.

We have added headsets for the radio systems plus ambient and vocal / instrument microphones. All  products have proven over time to be rugged and reliable and in our view offer the best all round value for money considering features, warranty and price.

The Video

We agreed upon a laser projector plus electric screen with a twin motor operation system. It has been mounted at height and when required will drop down on wires to a given position, then unfurl to the desired viewing position. It is ideal for presentations, hymn wording, as well as screening films and video.

The video images will be transmitted wirelessly. The wireless sender is compact and is powered via a standard plug in power supply or via the 5 volt supply from a computer USB port. The receiver is sited with the projector and powered via a USB output on the projector. High definition video can now be seen from anywhere in the church.


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The Sound Installation

In total Old Barn Audio installed:

  • 8 x Bose RMU108 in white
  • 1 Bose 8500N Amplifier
  • CC-64 Wall Panel
  • Ui24R Digital Mixer
  • 2 x UHF Lapel
  • 4 x UHF Hand Held
  • 1 x iPad
  • 2 x Bose MB210 sub woofers in white
  • 2 x Bose RMU208 in white
  • Headsets
  • 2 x Ambient Condenser Microphones
  • 4 x Shure SM57/58 Microphones

Next steps

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about an effective sound system for a church, hall or other venue, such as Colchester Baptist Church. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246, by email or our contact form and someone will get back to you.