Galeed Baptist Chapel, Brighton

We have just returned from the Galeed Baptist Chapel In Brighton. This is an independent Baptist church in the heart of Brighton’s community of the North Laines, with a small and friendly congregation.

The natural acoustic reverberation in the high ceilinged chapel is challenging. The way to overcome this was to install numerous speakers, each serving a specific area. It is important that all sound emitted goes to the congregation and none is allowed to bounce off hard reflective surfaces such as windows and walls.

We specified a particular style of speaker and have now installed 6 speakers in the chapel with a further 2 serving the balcony. We used The popular Martin Audio CDD5WTX loudspeakers for this project. The 3 existing speakers in the peripheral rooms have been be retained, which we always try and do, where applicable.

A Ui12 mixer has also been installed with a Monacore amplifier, as well as the required microphones.


We managed to take a few photographs of the project. Please click on them to enlarge them:

Next steps

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