Gates of Praise Church Sound Installation Complete

The Gates of Praise church sound installation is now complete. They came to Old Barn Audio requesting an upgrade to the sound system for their church, utilising the system they already had, but also upgrading with new products to really enhance the sound and audio.

Gates of Praise International Centre has been a Christian Church Organisation in Grays, Essex since September 2001.  The Church Organisation was registered as a United Kingdom Charity in February 2006 with outreaches to other countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, India and Nigeria.

They wanted to upgrade their church sound systems to ensure all parishioners could embrace the feel and ambience they are continuously wanting to achieve within their church.

The existing bass speakers were to be taken out and re-positioned under the stage in the new church. The existing controller and amplifier to power the bass speakers would be taken out and re-allocated to power the church system. The existing speakers at the side of the stage would remain along with those serving the rear room and those serving the toilets. The amplifier to power the stage speakers would remain. The existing induction loop amplifier would remain, as would the loop cable so there would still be a working induction loop system. The existing sound system was then to be linked to the church system so the banquet room could be used as an overspill area.

What Sound Equipment OBA Used

Alongside all of this recycling of the current system, Old Barn Audio then proposed to additionally install:

  • 8 x OHM Lunaray line array modules
  • 2 x Hanging grids for above
  • 1 x System controller (ex banquet hall)
  • 2 x twin 15” sub bass enclosures (ex banquet hall)
  • 2 x Crown 2500 amplifiers
  • 1 x OHM System controller
  • 6 x musician monitors
  • 3 x OHM ceiling speakers for the toilets
  • 1 x OHM ceiling speaker for the crèche
  • 1 x 100 volt amplifier for ceiling speakers

Old Barn Audio installed an audio link from the main church to the banquet room in readiness to supply main church sound to the banquet room. They  installed a 100 volt line amplifier/mixer in the offices as well as a 32-channel Soundcraft Impact digital mixing console to pull together the whole system and have the church sound installation all working from one place.