Hailsham Pavillion

Hailsham Pavillion is a traditional and old fashioned cinema and live event venue. With amazing architecture and a lot of footfall, they required a high quality audio and video system to continue showing many daily performances.


We specified the highly respected Martin Audio CDD8 speakers for this project, which are often found in prestigious venues around the world or with touring artists. The CDD range utilises coaxial dispersion technology, meaning we can create a high quality linear experience for the entire auditorium. By using the 8″ model, the speakers deliver both excellent clarity for the spoken word and cope well with music and also live acts.

In order to get the absolute best from the speakers, we specified a powersoft amplifier with built in DSP, which has been programmed by us and tuned specifically to the room. We then installed  a rack mounted digital mixing console at the stage. Rather than install multiple tie lines or upgrade the existing system to be entirely digital, this is a far neater solution.

Hailsham Pavillion Audio & Video Installation

Drawing on the combined heritage of legendary Soundcraft quality and the powerful and intuitive Vi Series digital live sound mixers, the Si Performer brings unparalleled mix power and performance to small format digital live sound mixers.

Sitting where a plethora of gear once was, the Si Performer delivers the equivalent of 448 rack units of DSP including sophisticated 4-band fully parametric EQ, full dynamics processing, a comprehensive range of output options and totally flexible routing.

We also included a lectern microphone, 2 lapel radio microphones, 2 handheld radio microphones and 4 dynamic SM58 microphones.

Hailsham Pavillion Audio & Video Installation


The outer floor boxes contain an HDMI input plate into the new video system. These now connect over fibre optic cables to the new ATEM video processor which is installed into the control box. The atem provides four HDMI inputs and allows for a smooth transition between them. This will add a professional look to any presentations and allow a host of other features which may be useful further down the line, such as Picture in Picture, app based integration, direct recording and live streaming.

The processor de embeds the audio from the HDMI points and allows this to be sent to the speakers. Alongside the processor is a display screen so that the operator can verify what is being sent to the projector.

Products Used

4 x Martin Audio CDD8 Loudspeakers
1 x Crown XLS 2502 Power AMplifier
1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali 1204 DSP
21 1/2″ Monitor
Audio & Video Ancillaries

Hailsham Pavillion Audio & Video Installation

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