Honeypot Upgrades Its Sound System

Yesterday saw Phil and Doug off to Maidenhead to The Honeypot. John Sennett had contacted Old Barn as he had been recommended to get in touch. The club already had Martin Audio speakers and John spoke to Phil about upgrading to new equipment, to enhance the quality of the sound in his club.

John requested a like-for-like install with the three existing speakers being replaced by Martin Audio CDD10 install speakers.  These Martin Audio speakers offer full range sound throughout the club with a huge uplift in quality, performance and dispersion.  John requested they all be hidden in the ceiling voids to keep clean lines aesthetically.

We changed the existing zoning system and amplifiers with new models from Cloud and Crown with all room equalisation being carried out via the internal processing tools on the digital Crown amplifiers.  We augmented the three new Martin Audio CDD10 speakers with a dedicated Martin Audio CSX118 sub speaker to be positioned in the amp room with a hole cut into the wall and a mesh installed to cover the hole to let the bass frequencies into the room.

The Cloud processor we used is a 3-zone model – one zone for the front speakers, the second zone is the rear speaker and third zone, the new sub speaker.  This way, the entire room has been tailored to suit their needs.  The three new volume controls have been positioned behind the bar to replace what originally existed.

So in summary, Old Barn Audio installed:

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