Juniper Tree Restaurant Sound Installation

The beautiful Juniper Tree organic restaurant in Hampstead is nearly ready to open. A brand new kitchen and eatery, situated over two floors, requested a restaurant sound installation on both levels.  The audio is to be primarily used for good quality background music, giving the lower floor a potential to go louder, as it will be used for private hire or parties. Concealed white ceiling speakers throughout were requested, to ensure clean lines and an aesthetically appealing final look.

This new North west London restaurant have now had installed 2 independent audio zones, that can be linked to perform as one, via the upper and lower floors.

Old Barn Audio specified OHM for this restaurant sound installation. OHM are a long established British company who produce high quality products for a reasonable price.

The products installed were:



The ceiling has 2 heights – the higher ceiling area to the front will accommodate the deeper speakers as specified. The lower height to the rear will not, so low profile speakers to be installed at the rear.


The lower floor has a chefs table near to the kitchen. As the ceiling is low any speaker above the table needed to have a separate volume adjustment for customer comfort.

The issue with all ceiling speakers is always what type to use and how many to use. For music, decent speakers are required and the lower the ceiling, the more are required relative to the area, as the sound cannot disperse so evenly. The correct quantity for an even sound to all tables has been installed.

Another effective bar and restaurant sound installation for Old Barn Audio. If you would like to talk to us then please call 01892 752246, or fill in the enquiry form and someone will get back to you.