London Sushi Restaurant Installs A Martin Audio Sound System

Having been recommended to use Old Barn Audio by Club Santitos, the owners of Ukai, a London sushi restaurant have had installed a quality sound system, using Martin Audio speakers.

They contacted Old Barn Audio, wanting a new sound system for their restaurant installed with a really quick turnaround. They also requested that it be installed in one day, to avoid too much disruption to their busy London restaurant. As the installation was a compact one, Old Barn Audio were able to turn this around fairly quickly and the install was organised for last week.

Successful installation has been completed using the following:

Old Barn retained the Cloud zone mixer, the associated wall panels, the toilet speakers and one of the existing amplifiers to drive the toilet speakers. Most of the existing cabling was re-used, as they were heavy enough for the requirements.

OBA installed a new Martin Audio CDD6 loudspeaker in the lounge, two CDD10 speakers into the bar plus a sub-bass system and three smaller speakers in the restaurant.
In general, bar speakers need to be larger than the others to carry a decent audio level and quality for a DJ or live music. The lounge will then benefit from the sound in the bar so a single speaker would then add support and clarity. The 3 CDD5 restaurant speakers, although smaller models, then offer high quality audio and most importantly an even spread of sound for all customers.

If you are looking for a new sound system for your bar, restaurant or perhaps nightclub, then please call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246, who will be able to give you an accurate and bespoke quote for your new installation.