Motorway Simulation For Training Purposes

Old Barn Audio were approached about this new project by Magic Beans Solutions. They had been commissioned to create a Virtual Reality motorway simulation for training purposes for the Highways England Agency. This VR set creates a simulation of being on the edge of a motorway for teaching purposes of technicians and operatives. Reactions and teaching when faced with thundering lorries, fire engines, ambulances and other fast moving vehicles at the motorway’s edge.

OBA were tasked with the audio section for this project at the immense Distribution Centre in Nottingham. In a large open plan office within.

All speakers were installed either along one wall or at the very end, to simulate the consistent noise of a stream of motorway traffic.

Motorway Simulation For Training Purposes
This was an interesting project to be a part of. OBA have worked with Magic Beans before and can see that VR systems for training such as this is incredibly efficient, yet reactive and versatile.

Product List

A large number of speakers and coordinating amplifiers were installed:

24 x Martin Audio CDD6
24 x Martin Audio CDD6WB
2 x Martin Audio Blackline X115
6 x Quattro 1204 DSP Dante
1 x Crown XLS 2502 amplifier
1 x 16 port poe switch

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