This was probably one of the brightest and most sensational venues we have completed a sound installation in! MRS R!OT in the heart of Covent Garden has really opened back up with a bang! Fabulous colours, a great location, live music…and with all of that, our Martin Audio sound system that is guaranteed to be exceptional.Over two floors and with an outside seating area: The piazza. Downstairs isn’t open yet but the upstairs is now fully open for business!

Mrs Riot Sound Installation

About Mrs Riot

There is a very interesting story about how the name of this venue came about and the history of “Mrs Riot”. If you want to take a look, then please see their website.


We have been kindly given permission to use some of their amazing photography, so have chosen the images that show off our subtly installed white Martin Audio speakers! These are currently just for the upper floor venue:

© Photography by Jake Davis.

The Interior Installation

The following is a list of products we installed for the Mrs Riot interior:

Exterior Piazza Installation

For the outside courtyard area at one end of Covent Garden, Mrs Riot has a busy area; The Piazza. For this installation, we used:

Want to work with us?

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about an effective sound system for a venue such as Mrs Riot.  We work all over the UK and even abroad, installing interior and exterior sound systems into many types of venue. This is the perfect project for Old Barn Audio; here, we have created an exceptional sound  system for a very busy indoor and outdoor entertainment venue.

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