National League Football Club Grows Their Martin Audio Equipment

Old Barn Audio popped over to Dover the other week to meet up with the guys at a Dover Athletic Football Club. Having already been pleased with the effective sound that was installed into the Family Stand at the club, they are now rebuilding part of their main stands as well as extending the VIP Stand above.

Working on the rebuild already, we will be going back for the install, hopefully before the end of the month, in time for the start of the new season.

In addition to what was originally installed, we are now going to be adding on:

  • 3 x Martin Audio CDD8 WR loudspeakers with brackets
  • 1 x Powersoft M14D Amplifier

A relatively compact project for Old Barn Audio, but in addition to the original install, we are proud to be working with a National League football club.

If you have a sports venue and would like to improve the sound within it, then please get in touch. Either email us, through our contact form or just give us a ring on 01892 752246.