Yet Another New Church Sound Installation…

Old Barn Audio love church installations. Acoustics in a church can always be a challenge; with the high ceilings, large spaces and hard fittings – but we love a challenge! Churches are realising that to offer their parishioners a good overall service when they come to worship, that they now need to offer a fuller and more polished finish. Some church interiors are huge, meaning that church goers at the back of the church may not hear and definitely won’t be able to see the vicar or church speaker.

More and more, Old Barn Audio are being requested to fit great sound systems as well as audio visual systems, with large flat screen TVs for all to see the sermon. The camera can be pointed towards whoever is speaking, but as well as this, hymns and other musical lyrics can be displayed on these monitors, ensuring that everyone’s heads are up, whilst singing, rather than facing downwards in a hymn book – meaning that the sound of song will resonate around the church are better and give all the parishioners a far better church experience.

Old Barn Audio have just secured another new church sound installation. This church is in East London and we will be fitting the mighty Martin Audio CDD6 speakers as well as the CSX118 sub woofers.

Another nice job for Old Barn Audio, especially Neil on installation day as he lives nearby!

If you are looking for a new church sound system, then please call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 or please fill in our enquiry form and someone will be in touch.