New Church Sound System in Felbridge

Old Barn Audio have been working hard over the last couple of weeks, on an amazing new church sound system at a church in Felbridge, West Sussex. Considering how old some churches are, they are still consistently wanting to attract new parishioners, patrons and volunteers and are very modern in their way of thinking. Vicars and their volunteers completely understand that they need to keep up to date with new technology and systems to ensure all the congregation feel included.

We get many enquiries for new church sound systems, from basic speakers to full installations: speakers, amplifiers, video and microphone systems. And this is exactly what we have just installed in St Johns Church with the new church sound system in Felbridge.

Along with 4 x Martin Audio CDD5 and 4 x CDD8 speakers, from the Martin Audio CDD Series, the guys at OBA have also installed Crown Amplifiers, video switching and 4 massive television screens, the largest being an impressive 75″, to ensure all the congregation can see what is happening; this is vital and also absolutely ideal at weddings and Christenings as everyone can join in with the happy occasion. Mark Francis, the vicar at St Johns Church is very keen to ensure that everyone is always included in the service.

So, yet another successful new church sound system installed by Old Barn Audio – now on to the next one!