New Sound for a West London Church

Old Barn Audio were approached by the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral earlier this year. They already had a sound system installed in their church but this needed improvement. Having carried out a site survey, we concluded that much of what existed could and should be retained. A stunning church with many unusual and amazing artefacts making it a really welcoming venue for parishioners.

The electronics were decent quality and the amplifiers powerful enough to satisfy their plans moving forwards. The Allen and Heath sound mixer was more than adequate and a very good product. The loop system amplifier still good and so were the radio microphones and dynamic microphones.

So this West London church required a new cable infrastructure, a video system and some new high quality speakers. Martin Audio speakers are possibly the best available and the difference to the sound quality would be immense in this place of worship.

It was understood that the worship area would be split into 2 zones with a video link and the system supporting good quality vocal projection and musical instruments.

We advised that there would be no reason why the audio system could not be set up to serve all the worship needs, but when musical instruments and singing are employed there would be the need to make subtle adjustments during a performance.

For this amazing church sound system installation, we used:

Sound System Installation

  • 10 x Martin Audio CDD8 Speakers and brackets
  • 1 x Crown XLS 1002 power amplifier
  • 1 x Martin Audio DX0.5 digital speaker controller
  • 2 x Martin Audio CDD10-WR speakers for outside the church
  • 1 x 16 / 4 way wall panel for microphones / instruments
  • 2 x DJ plug in points
  • 1 x 300 MBS wi-fi router for wi-fi connectivity
  • All miscellaneous cables / connectors / fittings as required

Video Installation

  • 2 x 65” HD 4K flat screens (main church) with tilt & swivel brackets
  • 2 x 50” 4K flat screens
  • 1 x wide angle HD camera with zoom
  • 1 x 4 : 4 HDMI matrix video switcher
  • 1 x 4 way HDMI over CAT6 distributor
  • 4 x convertor balums from CAT6 to HDMI

There is also the option to use a tablet / iPad and access the controls via wi-fi. The existing sound mixer can be used wirelessly from an iPad or tablet from anywhere in the building which is excellent.

Modern large flat screens are now much lower cost than the traditional church projectors, yet offer superb high definition images. On board SMART technology includes wi-fi and internet connectivity, so it is now possible with a decent internet connection to share all the services in real time anywhere on the planet assuming you have a camera.

The new sound for this West London Church will be extraordinary.

If you are looking for a new and updated church sound system, then please call us on 01892 752246 or fill in our enquiry form and someone will be in touch.

Please click on these images to enlarge them – well worth a look!