New Sound System in St. Albans the Martyr Church

As experienced church sound system installers, Old Barn Audio are pleased to be adding a new sound system in St Albans the Martyr Church in Ilford before the Christmas services commence.

The current system has been in place for many years and has been added to over time. The speakers are now fairly inadequate and they do not have the strength or ability to give effective sound to the whole of the church.

Old Barn Audio Installation

We will install 4 x high quality full range speakers covering the Nave spaced equally and directed downwards towards the seating. Care will be taken not to allow sound to bounce off hard surfaces like glass and stonework to minimise reflections. Then there will be two slightly more compact speakers installed in the Chancel and another smaller, but still high powered speaker for the organist.

We have included a wi-fi audio mixer as well. Although these are relatively modern technology for houses of worship, they have been around for many years in professional circles. A wi-fi mixer has no external controls so can never be tampered with. Via an iPad or Smartphone, the mixer controls are adjusted wirelessly via the touchscreen from anywhere in the church. When the system is turned on it will always default to its previous setting, so for most applications no operation will be necessary.

If you are in charge of sound within your church and need an upgrade to your current church sound system, then please get in touch.  Either by calling 01892 752246emailing us or please fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch.

Photo Accreditation to John Salmon