Officers Mess in Falkland Islands

It’s not often that Old Barn Audio receive a request such as this! We were contacted by an official from The Falklands Ammunition Inspectorate about sending some equipment over for their Officer’s Mess.

They invite bands to play, as well as having background music, other entertainment, including perhaps a spot of karaoke. As well as also needing an efficient PA system that is regularly used.

Old Barn Audio designed a bespoke system, based on their requirements, which was agreed and authorised. The pallet is nearly packed up and ready to go, next week. It will be couriered to one of their bases, ready to be sent on one of their aircraft carriers over to the Falkland Islands.

We are not required to install the system, but Old Barn Audio were pleased to be asked to be involved in the sale of this equipment.

We will be sending over:

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