Private Nightclub Sound & Lighting Installation

This was a great project for Old Barn Audio. We have completed a few private nightclub sound & lighting installation projects. They look amazing and sound excellent, with the high quality products we always pride ourselves on using.

The Sound

The Lighting

There is a central truss span of 8m housing the Chauvet Lighting. 8 slim par pro H, 2 intimidator 376z and 2 intimidator 355 beam fixtures. The lighting is controlled from an ETC Nomad system. And sound controlled via a symetrix radius. LED tape around the room and 4x wall mounted LED battens crated the finishing touches.


Want to work with us?

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about a private nightclub sound & lighting installation such as this.  We work all over the UK and even abroad, installing interior and exterior sound systems into many types of venue. This is the perfect project for Old Barn Audio; here, we have created an exceptional sound and lighting system for what will be a very attractive private venue.

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