Another Successful Pub Sound Installation

We popped back to Cheltenham last week, so took the opportunity to take some photographs of the The Bottle Of Sauce. This new pub, part of the DoDo Pub chain based in Oxford, has now now opened it’s doors onto unsuspecting Cheltenham to create an expansion to the DoDo family. This is yet another successful pub sound installation to add to the ever expanding number of recent clients for Old Barn Audio…

The Bottle of Sauce is a really down to earth bistro pub, that welcomes all through it’s doors. Offering a wide range of craft beverages and cocktails, a hearty menu of burgers and pizzas, plus live events and even a games room, with gamers that will walk you through the LOL ranking system from P4rgaming.

The system we have installed will give them a really effective background music system as well as giving them the capabilities to have a DJ or two as well as live music.

We installed:

Note the effective way of protecting and hiding the Martin Audio CSX112 sub bass that sits on the floor in the cow shed – a cleverly crafted wooden box!

This was a great job to complete – bar and restaurant sound systems are a large part of what we do at Old Barn Audio and it’s also quite a fun way to spend our time – especially if we get to enjoy the food too!

If you have a restaurant or bar that requires great sound for either live music, background music or for DJs then please call us now on 01892 783342. We have over 20 years in the industry and can offer experience and advice for what will work best in your environment. Every venue is different and all want to offer something slightly different – this we can do!