What can we say about this project…Somnai… that is all.

Somnai is now being promoted, online, through ambiguous billboards across London as well as social media. When you read online about the experience however, we feel you will never know exactly what it is all about, until you have experienced it.

The Huffington Post claim it to be one of the “most anticipated events of 2018”. The company founders dotdotdot claim to “awaken all your human senses. We are the place where hyperreality and virtual reality meet – a live, multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies.”

TimeOut London state ‘Somnai’ is an augmented-reality show that will take place across two floors of a warehouse in Clerkenwell. It’s set in a future where AI helps you explore your dreams, with sometimes alarming results. As is the way with immersive shows, it’ll probably be difficult to say what ‘Somnai’ is about until you’ve experienced it. But whether it turns out to be a dream or a nightmare, it looks promisingly ambitious.

“No-one’s path will be the same, but whatever happens, SOMNAI will make sure you leave enlightened,” the event adds. The over 18 only experience culminates in an illuminated bar, integrating projection mapping that changes as visitors enjoy drinks designed to play with perceptions.

Old Barn Audio have just finished the sound installation. A record amount of around 60 CDD Martin Audio speakers and approximately 100 ceiling speakers have been installed. More details and information to follow…