St Albans Girls School Install Martin Audio

Old Barn Audio were approached to design a Martin Audio system for St Albans Girls School and finally, after sourcing the funds, in October 2012 the system finally went in.

The new music block, which has just been completed, was specified with two rows of Martin Audio F10+ cabinets flown off the lighting bars.  Half in landscape and half in portrait, ensured an even coverage of sound even if the retractable seats were either in or out.  Martin Audio S12+ plug-in points were installed either side of the stage to allow for bass but the speakers could be easily removed and stored for when not needed.  This flexibility was essential to allow the room to be used in a number of ways for either music or drama.

A pair of Martin Audio F8+ speakers were flown from the front lighting bar pointing back at the stage for general purpose fold-back.  The whole system was powered by Martin Audio MA2.8q amplifiers and controlled by Martin Audio M3+ controllers.

Mr Dan Fitzgibbons commented on the superb clear and punchy sound.  He thanked Old Barn Audio for a fantastically executed installation with attention to detail and neatness paramount.