St Andrews Hall, Bexley Heath

St Andrews Hall in Bexley Heath is a very busy village hall, linked closely with St Andrews Church. All sorts of activities happen here, including exercise classes, baby classes as well as senior get togethers. So it is vital that an effective sound system has the capabilities to deal with all types of event.

In total we installed:

  • 4 x Martin Audio CDD5 speakers in white to serve the main room. 2 each side mounted on the concrete pillars.
  • 1 x Martin Audio CDD5 speaker in white on the stage close to the equipment cabinet for operator monitoring.
  • 1 x 12 channel analogue audio mixer
  • 1 x Crown XLS1002 twin channel power amplifier will power 2 zones – main hall & stage
  • 1 x complete media player with CD / USB / SD / Bluetooth / DAB+ / FM / remote control.
  • 2 x UHF hand-held radio microphone systems
  • 1 x induction loop system covering entire floor area.
  • 1 x lockable metal cabinet with solid front door to house all electronics mounted in existing location.

Next steps

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