St James The Less Church in Hadleigh

Old Barn Audio have been kept very busy with churches recently. This week has seen us complete yet another two churches; St Bartholemew Church in Sydenham as well as St James The Less Church in Hadleigh, Essex.

About The Church

St James the Less is a stunning grade one listed building and offers a comfortable, warm and well-lit environment for Christian worship. The Saxon and Norman architecture of this Essex church is complemented by a range of very contemporary and modern features.

Good audio delivery is mainly dependant on high quality well placed speakers being employed and positioned accurately. Old Barn advised that 6 speakers in total should serve the nave. Ideally, two rows of three, spaced equally along the length of the room placed at wall plate height and angled downwards to cover the entire seating area. This method ensures sound is only placed where needed and will offer a linear and clear delivery from front to rear. The church were very responsive to all suggestions and expertise.

The existing gooseneck microphones for the lectern and pulpit are excellent quality and have been retained. The existing induction loop amplifier is also excellent quality and has been kept. We never oversell – we will always re-use products if they are still in good condition. The loop cable has been fully checked and repaired / replaced as needed, to ensure the loop system fully meets RNID specifications.

The system specification ensured that the speakers are the only actual component that will be fixed to the walls of this period building. Which was important to the church.

Old Barn Audio specified Martin Audio Speakers and a Crown Amplifier, as these will give professional quality and an excellent lifespan. The system has been tuned specifically to the church to eliminate any frequencies that may result in feedback, whilst ensuring an excellent audio delivery.

Products used

In total, the installation consisted of:

  • 6 x Martin Audio CDD6 speakers for the nave
  • 1 x Martin Audio CDD5 speakers for the Chancel
  • 1 x volume control for above
  • 12 channel wireless audio mixer
  • 1 x Crown XLS 1502 amplifier
  • 2 x UHF radio systems & headsets
  • 1 x UHF radio system with H/H
  • 2 x microphone boom stands

Next steps

Please get in touch if you want to enquire about an effective sound system for a church, hall or other venue, such as St James The Less Church in Hadleigh, Essex. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246, by email or our contact form and someone will get back to you.