St John The Evangelist Church in Kingsdown, Kent

As much as we can, when we deliver a new sound system, Old Barn Audio try and retain as much of the system that can be reused. However, when we install a new system, we can only use products that will complement the products we are using. And in the case of St John The Evangelist Church in Kingsdown, Kent, this was not the case.

It was thought that the initial speakers could be retained, but sadly they would not match the standard required. However, the existing loop amplifier. CD player and lecturn microphone were all kept in place for use.

4 speakers were specified for the nave. To be equally spaced along the wall timbers. Angled down and across the seating so all seats will be covered. Once aligned, the sound is now linear and even throughout the area. Although compact, the speakers we used are more than adequate to achieve exceptional sound quality.

The digital mixer used will operate wirelessly via their new iPad, as well as a tablet or Smartphone. There are 8 channels for microphones and instruments plus 2 channels for an audio source and 2 further channels for a memory stick. There are no external controls on the audio mixer so they are entirely tamperproof. Settings can be easily stored, named, edited and recalled at any time.

In the event video is added in the future the audio system will accommodate video soundtrack.

In total we installed the following:

Next Steps

If you have been tasked with achieving great sound and video within your church, such as St John The Evangelist Church in Kingsdown and want to enquire about church sound systems. Or indeed an effective church lighting or a video system as well, then please contact Old Barn Audio. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246,by email or our contact form and someone will be in touch.

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