St Mary’s Church, Barcombe

St Mary’s Church in Barcombe is a pretty East Sussex country church. Already having a good working knowledge of the speakers within the church as well as a good idea of what was needed to increase sound quality within the church, it made this job a pleasure to complete.

They have a regular worship band who play within the church. On top of this, they required all parishioners to have good hearing for all types of sermon.

Where the speakers are sited is always important within a church. The best system will suit all demands and does not allow sound to hit walls, windows or ceilings, creating unwanted reflections.

There are substantial and rather beautiful cross beams within this church, over the pews. Making ideal positions for the speakers. 4 x wide pattern coaxial models now cover the seats, having been placed centrally on the beams, one on each beam, each side of the central arched spine within the church.

In total this installation consisted of:

  • 4 x Martin Audio CDD8 speakers
  • 1 x Soundcraft Ui24R
  • wireless router for above
  • 1 x Crown XLS-1502 power amplifier
  • 1 x speaker system controller
  • UHF radio systems with lapel fitting
  • 1 x headset microphone for above

Next steps

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