St Matthews Install Martin Audio

Old Barn Audio have just finished installing at St Matthews Church in Redhill.  The 19th century church had very little in the way of a sound system before approaching Old Barn Audio for advice.  An old loop system existed that needed upgrading and linking with the new installation.

The main Nave area was served with an array of Martin Audio AQ6  speakers and brackets.  The Chancel and Vestry were served with smaller speakers to enhance the experience for the choir and smaller preaching areas.

The whole system was controlled by Martin Audio AQX controllers and powered by Crown amplifiers.

The main contol surface for the system was a 24-channel Soundcraft console permanently installed in a custom rack designed by Neil Kavanagh of Old Barn Audio.  To finish the installation, AKG 450 wireless microphone systems for lapel and hand-held use were also fixed into the installation along with gooseneck shotgun microphones for the pulpit and lectern.

The existing Ampetronic ILD9 loop amplifier was retained, tested and fully integrated into the sound system.  The congregation and vicar are thrilled with the new system as it now offers them years of trouble free and quality sound.