St Peter & St Paul Church in Shorne

We were asked a while ago to quote for a new sound system for St Peter & St Paul Church in Shorne, near Gravesend. This beautiful Kent Anglo Saxon church dates back to at least the 12th Century so special care needed to be taken for this period property. Old Barn Audio have installed sound systems into over 300 churches and houses of worship now and know all the benefits as well as pitfalls of installed into an old building.

St Peter & St Paul Church in Shorne

The best way to supply intelligible spoken word in large ambient buildings is to employ numerous speakers and direct them such that each covers a specific area or zone. This method offers a linear response to all areas.

Instruments, voice and pre-recorded music will be delivered accurately and the sound wholly natural. A 16 channel wi-fi audio mixer has been used at St Peter and St Paul church. There now will be sufficient inputs to cater for all microphones and music sources with room for expansion. The on-board audio tools are comprehensive and the operation intuitive via a simple app

In total we installed:


Please see our speakers in situe at St Peter & St Paul Church

Next steps

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